Neutra 6.0


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After a decade of success, the Neutra collection becomes a container of colors and increasingly advanced materials and transforms into Neutra 6.0.

Neutra 6.0 is enriched with new, vibrant colors in Magnum Oversize formats, innovative glass mosaics, plasters and coordinated paintings, confirming its unique and very recognizable identity. Fine porcelain stoneware becomes a true element of design, providing a collection that can be defined as an open project. Walls become enormous paintings where the color is understood as the main element of expression with effective communicative properties, an emotional background that takes its shape from the individual’s freedom of imagination.

The surfaces thereby create scenery for pure sensory pleasure, where nothing is left to chance, but everything is always skillfully calibrated to the search for a new bon ton where the body and mind can be rejuvenated. The perfect integration between man and the space in which he lives is expressed through a simple architecture where you can spread your artistic sign on the surfaces, in the colors and in the furnishing for an unrepeatable result from which your own creative identity emerges.