The union of two different materials has resulted in a contemporary, trendy project that mixes surfaces, colours and languages to offer original combinations.

Match-Up features an interplay of different contrasts that interrupt the bareness of minimalist interiors through tactile patchwork suited to a balanced mix and match of styles and colours. Match-Up is therefore a fresh project that places no limits on individual choices and enhances the space with a few carefully chosen interchangeable elements that express your ideas and personal taste.

There are two basic surfaces that can be used to create multiple combinations in line with fashions and lifestyle trends: a concrete effect with an urban and industrial aesthetic and an original marble agglomerate effect that blends tone-on- tone tactile elements with irregular shapes and varying sizes. Two seemingly very different materials – the first a symbol of modernity and innovation, the second of authenticity and tradition – coexist in a unique project that promotes and encourages combinations not only between the surfaces and colour shades in the range, but also with all the other elements that contribute to defining the space: colours, paints, fabrics, furnishings and various materials.

In Match-Up, neutral, contemporary shades are combined with chromatic hints of mustard yellow and light blue, offering pleasant combinations of the warm shades of Cookie, Coffee and Cinnamon, as well as colder tones of Earl Grey, Liquorice and Blueberry. Additionally, the Sugar colour, which can be easily coordinated with all the others, becomes the collection’s most versatile element that can take on different meanings depending on the context in which it is inserted.