I Classici



“I Classici” is born as a developing container, ready to welcome new inspirations.

A selection of fifties style atmospheres translates into cultured modernity thanks to the interweaving of the materials and the exasperation of the contrasts. Personalization finds room among the most glamorous materials that nature has to offer.

A bold proposal comes from the ever attentive observance of those who watch the latest trends. I Classici provides great personalization to the space, a play of strong contrasts to create an uncompromising design. The rigid purity of the marble blends with the varnished effect of a modern wood.

Colored body porcelain stoneware slabs in squared format reach up to 9 and 6 millimeters of thickness and have 3 different available finishes: soft, matte and glossy. The marble essences fall under the Magnum Oversize large format project, giving life to an architectural language where the ceramic slabs, with their vast surfaces, become the true protagonists of the space.