From an ancient past to a responsible future

An eco-friendly, organic and technologically discerning material traces the origins of earth as an ancient building material with the customary bold and visionary look, geared towards the most modern environmentally-friendly living trends. This is EARTHTECH. The industrial history, in which intuition and technology are merged with a keen focus on the quest for aesthetic appeal, results in a full body collection, produced to the highest standards of sustainability, contributing towards building the city of the future.

The collection injects new life into the earth through a sustainable production process, with a strong focus on green management, to offer the architect an exceptional technical and aesthetic performance in compliance with the socio-environmental context and the latest eco-friendly building needs. With EARTHTECH earth becomes “technical earth” with a highly innovative content, offering new solutions to green architecture and fulfilling the new frontiers of circular economy in construction, guaranteeing a sustainable future.
EARTHTECH offers a choice of organic textures to observe and touch, thanks to the wide range of finishes (Comfort, Glossy-Bright and structured) which add a tactile and unexpected perceptive dimension for use in all types of application.