Chromatic blends and harmonious contrasts that only nature can bestow

In Onyx&More, the harmonious equilibrium between elegance and creativity reveals itself in the original and extraordinary combination of two very different stones which brings refined, welcoming and intimate spaces into being.

Onyx&More explores the unexpected elegance of onyx: refined, luminous, and poetic, naturally embellished with porphyry, an unobtrusive and informal stone material. From nature, mysterious and unpredictable, is born a collection surging with expression that plays with the harmonious contrasts and the chromatic blend that only nature can create.

The aesthetic variations inspired mainly by onyx (White Onyx, Golden Onyx, Silver Onyx, White blend, Golden blend, Silver blend) are available in matte and glossy finishes; the aesthetic variations inspired mainly by porphyry (White porphyry, Golden porphyry and Silver porphyry) are made in a structured finish to enhance the natural character of these two different stone materials: the first, refined, the second, tactile.