A collection of profound and mesmerising energy which conveys all the informal elegance of luxurious contemporary spaces

Atmosphères is a collection with rough yet elegant taste offering a contemporary reinterpretation of the simple, unformal luxury of Pierre Bleue, a sedimentary stone from Belgium with a profound, thrilling energy all its own. Its distinctive, delicately variegated surface and subtly graduated shades tell a story reaching back over the millennia to a very distant past, when the area that is now Belgium lay under a sea rich in coralline formations. Small creatures and fossilized marine residues, such as shells or wonderful sea daffodils, are naturally incorporated in these rocks, creating a varied aesthetic with an antique flavour.

Lightness and solidity, combined with a sophisticated colour scheme, evoke the sense of craftsmanship associated with this wonderful stone whose stratified fossils, trapped in the slender sediments formed over the centuries, embody its time-honoured yet contemporary beauty. Tradition and innovation therefore come together in a unique project, creating an attractive surface that respects the culture of places and the history of time.