Lightness, Earth, Sensoriality

“Sensi” Designed by Matteo Thun surprises visually and tactilely with attractive neutral shades that shape fluid spaces. Surfaces and interplays of light define a decorative concept inspired by non-colour and the graininess of earth. Sensi embodies the tactile experience of touching earth, and of interpreting mineral essences mixed and forged over time, in a material texture to be caressed with the eyes. Solid, vigorous and concrete, earth evokes in us a personal sentiment, reminding us of the strength of nature. With Sensi, delicate, natural colours and the tactile experience of sand recall a simple lifestyle that leaves the unnecessary behind. The intimate, sophisticated harmony of nature is reflected in living-spaces that offer an individual sense of comfort and slow rhythms, where energy and balance can be regained.

The Sensi collection also features a decorative mosaic made from recycled glass made from disused TV and PC screens. This mosaic, manufactured by a process in which human hands play a role, has a distinctive surface structure. Due to the nature of the recycled glass and the production cycle, every tiny chip is different from the others, creating a dynamic surface. Soft, velvety or structured to the touch, it dialogues with the light and may become shiny or matte. This product also derives its uniqueness from its colour. Every chip is unique and has its own shades of the same tone.

Developed with close attention to environmental impact, “Sensi” is the perfect synthesis of innovation and sustainability and also a virtuous example of circular economy. The collection is made over 90% natural raw materials and up to 41% of recycled materials. “Sensi” is the result of up to 100% sustainable production process, both in terms of water consumption and self-generated electricity.