A contemporary, luxurious but balanced lifestyle

Inspired by the ancient and refined beauty of alabaster, the Rêves collection transforms the dream of contemporary elegance into reality through delicate nuances and precious colours that are perfectly in step with the most contemporary luxury living trends. From opulence and ostentation, the luxury world evolves towards more understated and balanced decorations notable for their minimalism.

Soft vein patterns and gentle colour contrasts characterise a collection that exudes taste and authenticity, the bright and showy shades of yesterday consigned to memory. Surfaces with luminous, deep and delicate shades restore a sense of preciousness to the space without overpowering the architecture. The collection lends itself to various stylistic interpretations: the warm colours with matte finishes create natural and relaxing atmospheres, the pearl and blue tones emit light and uniqueness, revealing an infinite potential that is waiting to be explored.