NS AQUA NS Aqua, a new porcelain slab collection featuring the captivating color aqua, which combines the beauty of the most precious and modern marble essences with enhanced functionality, allowing you to create elegant and striking spaces. SPECIFICATION ⊏ Thickness: 12mm ▯ Dimensions: 126″x63″ ⛞ Area: 55.11 sf ⚟ Finish: Glossy ❏ Face: Bookmatched APPLICATIONS…

NS Onyx Jade

NS ONYX JADE is inspired by the marble of extremely rare and precious surfaces that can be compared to true works of art. SPECIFICATION ⊏ Thickness: 6mm ▯ Dimensions: 126″x63″ ⛞ Area: 55.12 sf ⚟ Finish: Glossy ❏ Face: Random APPLICATIONS Bathroom ✔ Countertop ✖ Wall & Floor ✔ Exterior ✔ Fireplace ✔